Complex Data Center Infrastructure Made Simple

A traditional IT infrastructure with multiple independent components requires dedicated management tools and careful handling, in order to successfully configure its various parts.

With a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) from StarWind, all your compute, storage, and networking resources are combined within a single, easy to manage “building block”. Plus, with StarWind's ProActive Support and Analytics, you'll have a true Software-Defined Datacenter that is flexible and powerful enough to cope with the ever-changing requirements of your project's lifecycle.

Simple arithmetic with StarWind Virtual SAN


StarWind VSAN

Classic Approach: Servers & Physical SAN

Lots of hardware to purchase

StarWind Approach: Servers & Virtual SAN

Less hardware, less cost, more performance

The Move To Hyper-convergence!

StarWind offers a variety of datacenter management methods, including StarWind Management Console as a web-based tool, Command line (CLI) with PowerShell scripts, Swordfish, and VMware vCenter plugin. All third-party management tools comply with Bring Your Own License (BYOL) policies.

StarWind Virtual SAN runs either as a native hypervisor component or in VM, and doesn't require any deep storage and network administration, or UNIX management skills. To download the StarWind software products please make your choice below. An installer link and the license key will be sent to the e-mail address you’ll specify.